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This would be a fairly simple plugin to create yourself. Follow the plugin docs for widgets. In the output_widget function you can get the category from the $qa_content variable. Something like

function output_widget($region, $place, $themeobject, $template, $request, $qa_content)
    if ($qa_content['q_view']['raw']['categoryname'] == 'BannedCategory')

    $themeobject->output('The ad code here...');

Thank you, Scott.
I think it would be an improvement to your good plugin.
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I dont think it is there but why do u want such a plugin?

You can use below plugin to manage ads at diff spots,

You can place ads at below 5 spots

  • ad after menu navigation bar, just after horizontal line.
  • ad after question, just before answers.
  • ad after all answers, just before related questions.
  • ad after all questions.
  • ad in sidebar

Thank you for your plugin.

Unfortunately, it does not solve my problem because I need to remove the ads on certain pages of questions.

For example, keep the ads on the first question but remove the second.

It would be nice to use the plugin to other ad networks beyond Google Adsense.