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Some users (few) posting answers and questions with "<!--Session data-->" in text. Is it bug or what ?

Can you please link to an example? I find it hard to believe this is caused by Q2A but would like to take a more detailed look.
Here is three questions with <!--Session data--> http://goo.gl/GOgMA .

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Thanks for posting the link. I checked out the HTML source code responsible that showing up, and here it is in full:


<input id="gwProxy" type="hidden" >&lt;!--Session data--&gt;<input id="jsProxy" type="hidden" >

It looks like this is being added into the WYSIWYG editor by the Skype Browser Highlighter in some users' Firefox browsers - more info here:


So this is not directly a Q2A issue, though it is worth fixing. I will look into this more and try to addess it in the next release. Perhaps CKEditor (which the Q2A WYSIWYG editor users) will release an update that works around it.