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I am going to make a new social networking site in PHP and MySQL.I know Procedural very nicely.I know OOP a little.My friends and professor told me to make using OOP.

Is Q2A is a made based on OOP or Procedural programming ? Also please suggest me what shall i use OOP or Procedural and why?
Q2A version: 1.7.0

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Q2A is a bit of a mixture at the moment. It was originally created using procedural code and it's mostly still that way. However, I am trying to move it towards an OOP style. It will take a few versions to get there, since any major changes would break all existing themes/plugins.

It's not clear exactly what you're trying to ask regarding your social network site. Are you using the Q2A platform to make it, or doing it from scratch?
Sorry,For click the flag.I had not seen the mouse was on the flag..
I had stared my project using the procedural approach..I am making it from by my own idea and logic..I had seen the source of Q2A..I will try to make the directory structure and function like Q2A which will more useful to me..
Yhank you..