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point system no clear,

it's not count point as it's in my sittings, let say give an answer = 10 point, when i try it it's give more that that

what is this mean:

Multiply all points:  10

Add for all users:    10

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If you want to give users 10 points for an answer then there are many ways to do it.

  1. There are points to just answer a question
  2. There are points for upvotes on an answer
  3. Then those points also gets multiplied in the last.
What you can do is, set upvotes on an answer to 10 points and "Multiply all points" by 1. This should give you expected results. Or you can set upvotes on an answer to 1 point and "Multiply all points" by 10, then also you'll get expected results. Multiply all points is there just to help you.
Finally "Add for all users" is the initial points that a user have when he registers to your website. You can set it to 0 or 10 or 100 as you like.
I hope this helps.