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Target (admin option)

Admin > Points > Voting up an answer:

Current specification and my thought

Currently, Answer is given double points (4*10=40) of question (2*10=20). But, vote point for question (1*10=10) and vote point for answer (1*10=10) is same.

Improvement suggestion

We can customize each point. But, most users will not change the default value. I think that default value of vote for answer should be given double points (2*10=20) of vote for question (1*10=20).‚Äč

Analysis (Reasons)

Why do I think so. . . It is related to noticeable differences of vote count between each user's questions and answers. Although the cause is not known well, this trend seems common to many users. It may be related to user interface or option settings (e.g. Admin > Viewing > Allow voting on question page only:) of Q2A...?

For example (user: Gid).

My question

  1. What do you think about it?
  2. Do you have same trend on your site?

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