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Hi i tried ChatRoom   plugin and made settings explain in the link

  1. Download and extract the files to your plugins folder (e.g. qa-plugins/chat).
  2. Go to Admin > Plugin and click the link to set up the database tables.
  3. Go to Admin > Pages and add a link to to the chat room in your menu.
  4. By default the plugin uses the URL example.com/chat. You can change this to something else using Q2A's QA_CONST_PATH_MAP feature. First, change the "URL of link" field from chat to your preferred URL, e.g. chinwag. Then add this to your qa-config.php file:
        'chat' => 'chinwag',

But i do not understand what is this chinwag ?

Can someone tell me do i need any chat server to enable chat features?

Q2A version: 1.7

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chinwag  it´s just an example for changing the URL link

by default the URL  is in yoursite.com/chat

just copy the chatroom plugin to your site on qa-plugins folder

Enter to admin - plugins and click the link to set up the database tables.

and this is all... enter to www.yoursite.com/chat and enjoy laugh

Still confusion here do u mean i have to change for url in QA_CONST_PATH_MAP?
Ok I got it I have to go Pages->    Chat Room -> edit link and give url/chat but now i have to make changes in QA_CONST_PATH_MAP file as well because i edited link but did not make any change in  QA_CONST_PATH_MAP but look like chat is working now.