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There is a plugin to follow a question. But is there a plugin which allows one to unfollow a question - that is I commented on a question. But after sometime I do not want to get any notification from it.
Don't you think it's easy to go to that question from your profile Favourite section and then unfollow it. Otherwise a timely follow system would become a whole new concept.
Actually this is not meant for the questions we followed. Suppose someone new comment here and I reply to him. But say you are not interested in our discussion and want to opt out but currently you will receive the notification due to your first comment here. Would be nice to have such an opt out option.
Ah, that's a nice point.
When writing the "follow question" plugin at http://www.q2apro.com/plugins/follow-question I also thought, it would be nice to have the option to unfollow a question - turning off the email notifications. Like github is doing it "mute this thread". I requested already a couple of times to add this as core feature.
yes, that would be nice to have in core. But not possible in plugin? Anyway with notifications coming in 1.8 I guess better to wait till then :)

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