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This is my wish list for Q2A features, i may likely add some things in future.

  • Questions sorting by Most votes, Most answers, Most views, hotness > in all questions lists  (tags, categories, member activity...) can be sorted from last week, month, year, or all time.  Because content get outdated soon depending on forum activity.
  • Answers sorting like Sort Answers plugin by Amiya Sahu wich seems not working. Choosing right answer can be hard if there is a lot of ansers, this feature would solve that.
  • Flexibility for adding forms fields and own action *
  • Integrated edit history. 
  • Each tag have own CSS class.
  • View count on question view, not only in question list. Glad to see this now implemented.
  • Tags seperate by (,). Glad to see this now implemented. 
  • "We've missed you" messages to verified users who didn't login for X days. To atract more old users who just forgot site.
  • Seperate <div> for question authors comments. So anyone can see original poster. For example i could do in my site that my username would be in green color in OP's  comments so enyone would see that comments are made by question author.
For your last part, do you mean for example sorting the list of users by who's posted the most answers? How would this work for "hotness", you can't really sort users based on that. Same for tags.
No, i mean that same submenu would be avaible as in /questions.
But how can you have a "hotness" link on the users page?
Isn't hotness have own value in database ? So questions can be sorted by hotness like by answers ?

EDIT: just asked out of curiosity. Hotness is not necessary in users page.

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Adding the view count is quite easy, in your advanced theme just put a call to $this->view_count($post) where you like. I do it in the voting() function, in a conditional like this:

if ( $this->template == 'question' )

And for the tags, again you can do that in a theme. Override post_tag_item:

function post_tag_item($tag, $class)
    $this->output('<LI CLASS="'.$class.'-tag-item tag-'.


Then target classes like ".tag-plugins". Hope that helps!