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Hi, basically I need one user management area (sign-in and one profile) that will be used for wordpress, a forum, post comments, and Q2A.  Is this possible? Any plugins that could combine all 4 sections? thanks

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Yes, we have done that, you can use one more WordPress installation as a single sign-on server.


For us,

We have

https://publicityport.com (WordPress)

https://softwaretestingboard.com (WordPress MultiSite)

https://softwaretestingboard.com/qna (Question2Answer)

https://digitalmarketing.q2a.io (Question2Answer)

All four site can connect to one common server, https://myaccount.publicityport.com to get the user authorized.

So, users do not really have to create a separate account for all sites. 

For, WordPress you can create a single sign-on client. And for Q2A, you can use the plugin, https://github.com/PublicityPort/q2a-publicityport-login