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Hello! I want to integrate single sign on with existing q2a data base (q2a already installed). I read http://www.question2answer.org/single-sign-on.php but this shows how to integrate SSO during install q2a. My task is to set up SSO on existing q2a service.

Thanks in advance!

Q2A version: latest

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you normally can't make an already installed Q2A site integrate to another platform. because Q2A has already users and content related to them.

however a good programmer will be able to write an script to help you with this. First you need to have a clean integration with your platform, then script should import users and their related content(posts, votes, favorites, ...) from old Q2A installation to the integrated Q2A section while it searchs and handles duplicate users.
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If you mean you want to integrate a new installation of Q2A with another Q2A site, then it's called networking.

To do so you will follow installation guides, but add this line to config.php while making configuration

define('QA_MYSQL_USERS_PREFIX', 'qa_users_');

"qa_users_" must be replaced with database prefix of first Q2A site.