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i have q2a site installed in my domains root (www.xyz.com) and its live. so i thought to integrate this with wordpress in the sub directory (www.xyz.com/blog), i followed the Question2Answer - WordPress Integration,

integration has been successful but site shows empty content, no exiting questions,answers,users default themes, it shows like a fresh q2a install, so my question is can i import my previous data or any other way to fix this issue?

Q2A version: 1.7.4

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After you integrate I suppose you are using wordpress DB and not the old Q2A DB. AFAIK there is no script which does this migration from Q2A DB to Wordpress DB though this is not very difficult. You can do this manually by seeing the tables from Q2A DB - most of them are self explanatory. I suppose you would need some hours in doing this.