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I tried looking for one plugin to adjust url friend for seo but failed

my language are the following issues

browser:  http://gmpvietnam.com/index.php?qa=3&qa_1=lợi-ích-khi-đạt-chuẩn-pic-s-gmp-so-với-who-gmp

when copying out: 


Is there any way not handle url friend?

sorry my Eng

Thank you!

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I think there is no way to achieve that as URL notation does not allow special chars.

Would it be a solution for you to remove accentuated characters ?
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Trust me, these URL are really help you in SEO, especially in Vietnam. It's look very long and hard to remember, but you can use like http://gmpvietnam.com/12/ instead of http://gmpvietnam.com/12/blablatext

A site with Vietnamese and it did very well.