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I am wondering if is possible to run under the same q2a installation/database multiple q&a systems (each one having own questions and answers) ?

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Not from the box. With the current version, you would have to specified a different DB for each of your desired Q&A. I don't think this is a problem though. If you want to reuse the same users, you could user the external user integration for all your Q&A but one and make the other reuse the same one. This is the only thing I think you would need to share actually. Maybe the admin config too so the proper theme is set and all the options... I'd suggest to do the config once and reuse and SQL query to share it accross the other sites (just think to change the site url for each site). Or you could just use categories to manage your diferent types of questions. It all depends on what you what to share or not accross the different q&a.
So beside the users and admin config won't be needed to share other things, right ?
The two main tables for Q2A content are Post, which holds all questions, answers and comment, and word, which index the words including tags. The other stuff is to configure how Q2A looks and work and who can use it. So how you integrate your multiple Q&A only depend on what exactly you want them to share between them. If you want same users, same look, I'd say go with categories. If you want same users, different look then you may need more than one deployment with an integration with users.  On top of my head, I don't see other things to share.
1.4 Developer preview has this feature now.. I tried setting up two sites and it works like a charm.. Try it out..
Does the actual version 1.4.3 have this feature?

I didn't find anything in the documentation.
It was added in the developer preview version 1.4 and can be configured in config.php.
Thanks for anwer.

In the released version 1.4.3 it's obviously not included. How can I get a developer preview version?
I checked the config file and what has been included is to use a different prefix for the User table vs the other tables of Q2A so you can share users between two installations, nothing more.  

    If you wish, you can define QA_MYSQL_USERS_PREFIX separately from QA_MYSQL_TABLE_PREFIX.
    If so, it is used instead of QA_MYSQL_TABLE_PREFIX as the prefix for tables containing
    information about QA user accounts (not including users' activity and points). To share a
    single user base between multiple QA sites, use the same values for all the QA_MYSQL_*
    constants in each site's qa-config.php file, with the exception of QA_MYSQL_TABLE_PREFIX.

    define('QA_MYSQL_USERS_PREFIX', 'qa_users_');