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I have an OLD version of Q2A, which I'm trying to upgrade to the latest.  But I am also doing the wordpress integration.

So my steps have been:

1) Installed wordpress on subdomain

2) Integrated SSO with wordpress and fresh installation of Q2A on a different subdomain (worked)

3) Exported & Imported old Q2A database to new integrated database, but problem is none of the questions are showing up, just the categories e.g. "blah blah (50)".  Even tried it on the same domain that the old questions are on, no luck.  

Any help? Thanks!
Q2A version: old

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Hmm tough one. If you're using an old version of Q2A I'd suggest upgrading that to the latest version first. If you've integrated your Wordpress with a newer Q2A version then try to import an old database, things could easily go wrong.

After that I'd suggest running the various admin scripts at the bottom of the Admin > Stats page eg reindexing all content, recounting all users.

Also check that your userid column in MySQL has the correct type definition. In other words, check that qa_posts.userid in the "fresh" Q2A installation is the same as the one from the old site.