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@Scott When can we expect Q2A 1.8 official release. I do not have any issue using the dev one - but Q2A 1.7.4 is not good to be used due to incompatibility with ipV6.

But my concern is regarding the notification system- there is nothing in the current version regarding this. At least can the dev version of this be put available? Because I would like to add some notification features like "Follow a question", "Notifications regarding blog posts" etc. which are not in core. If this notification system is not coming any time soon, I can manage with the current notification system and add these there.

Also, I noticed a bug, when sharing qa_users table on multiple sites running Q2A 1.8, the category widget is displaying data from older site on the newer site. If I get a fix, I shall do it and give a pull request.
Q2A version: 1.8
Sorry for the bug report. It was due to cache directory being shared. May be this could be added in the documentation when the official release comes out.
you can put the bug report in github repo too..
Seriously, one personal maintaining core development is not working for Q2A. If Q2A wants to go ahead then it desperately need a team. We have left the dead line a long time back which was expected to be end of Aug but, still a lot of development work is remaining.

Don't know when Q2A will grow like it should.
@Ami No more a bug, so not reporting. I had used the same cache folder for both sites.
@Gurjyot Yes, at least one person each for one specific task.
I also feel notification is one of the most important feature. Let us see what Scott says.

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