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3 years ago, it was announced that the platform would be upgraded to version 1.9

But since that time we have not seen any development.

We hope the developers are doing well!

I suggest that $5 of each person be donated to speed up the development process?

Would this be an appropriate solution?
We can at least support pupi1985. Since at least now he is developing the project, and working on the bugs.
Yeah, I think @pupi1985 should be made project manager as well, accepting/declining pull requests. Of course if he's willing to and has the time.

That way when Scott or Gideon are not around, there's at least one other person managing it, and keeps things going.
Yes this is what I'm thinking, I'm also using @pupi1985's bugfix-pupi1985 branch on my website
I would also support the development.

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I'm in to donate.evet