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Hi all. pupi1985 i have one problem. i use my site q2a 1.8 version. Its work nice and fast. I enable cache.

But i have one problem. After edit question or ask question my site select category slow load. After all site scripts load after load select category.

How select category load fast and load first.

Video example:


Load all site scripts after enable select category.

Moderate question: After i botton edit after site i show select category. Not load select category fast.

After 60 secund load select category.

Please help me. Thanks. Sorry my bad english. :)
Q2A version: 1.8

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The category request is one of the lightest request that run on Q2A. In fact, it is funny that the question list runs fine and the categories are displayed so slow. Some things that affect performance could be:

  1. HTTPS: You want encryption? Pay the computing time :)
  2. A huge amount of requests. After loading your /ask page (BTW, I've just registered in your site) 120 requests were performed. A clean Q2A install should perform around 20. There are around 35 request for emoticons from the editor: https://surak.szh.kz/qa-plugin/q2apro-sceditor/emoticons/*.png (using sprite images can turn this requests into only 1)

Now, having said that... the ask page loaded in 1 second in my end :/ In fact, it seems to be running pretty fast taking into account the previous items. Why I get a different timing might be related to:

  1. You are running a plugin that, as a super administrator, is performing some additional task that I, as a basic user, am not able to execute (this should be unlikely)
  2. Some of the advertisements might be blocking/delaying the execution of the rest of the scripts. As the AJAX category call is executed on window load then it waits for all that other stuff to finish before carrying on. The load event is sent to an element when it and all sub-elements have been completely loaded. This includes images, scripts, frames, iframes, and the window object.

So I guess some of the advertisers are making a difference between your IP address and mine and having issues when displaying those elements associated to your IP. You can try removing all advertising and test again. If it works fast, then it's their fault.