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I want to modify this page but I can't find anything in the theme or core files. I tried doing a search for every term on the page but can't find anything.

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The register page is at qa-include/pages/register.php

The HTML itself is output via the theme, which is in qa-theme/<yourtheme>/qa-theme.php but exactly what gets output depends on the value of $qa_content that is set in register.php

For example the form fields that are displayed are defined in $qa_content['form'] near the bottom of register.php

I'd suggest taking a look at the docs for info about theming: http://docs.question2answer.org

So how do I edit it exactly? I can't find any of the html elements by searching. I need to add a custom field because I'm making my own anti spam question. The field doesn't need to do anything other than exist in the $_POST["spam"] so I can do an if ($_POST["spam"] == "spam answer")
do you know?
@dave12 I've updated my answer