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Just Extended the Email Plugin by atavakol to allow users to follow a Question which then sends him emails for any answer/comment on that post. This feature can be turned off from admin panel. It was urgent for me otherwise I could have waited for Q2A 1.8 Notifications to come. Use it only if you really need it.


Q2A version: 1.8
Hello @arjunsuresh, this plugin of yours is great but I needed to talk to you about something else. Although your messages are off so I am commenting here.
Can you make a plugin for showing number of followers of a question, category, tag and specially of "USERS".  To show the number of followers of a question we need just a number to show like in SO.

But the best part of it is when users start to get new follower then they get a superiority feeling which makes them come back again and again. Since YouTube, Instagram, Twitters all follow the same thing then, it should work with Q2A as well. We can talk about this somewhere else if you want.

I hope you might like the idea.
Yes, Adding follow count for the question makes sense and is easy. May be below view count- just need to have a good place to show.

For User Followers Sama has this plugin.

I think showing the followers count side by side to favorite star is best. Since one clicks the star, the number for followers will also increase.
What do you think about that?
Yes. That sounds good. But display is bit tricky. I'll test it.
Just needed to ask you one more thing. Should this feature be made using a plugin or should it be introduced in core itself. Since the feature is quite small so it won't heart anyone if it's in core.
Thanks man for this plugin !
I'm seeing the added button , but not the icon. What should I do to make it appear?
@Gurjyot Follow (favorite) option is supported by core. So, this widget should also be ideally part of core as a core widget. That would make life simpler.
@Sshicchi You are welcome. Do you mean the style of the button? The plugin only adds the button and leaves the styling to the theme. With Donut theme, it takes the default Bootstrap button style. I haven't tried it with other themes.

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