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Need to notify via email when any event related to new/edit of questions/answers/comments.

Perhaps I am missing an existing function?
Q2A version: 1.5.1
Currently you can get emailed when someone answers your question or comments on one of your posts. Below each post you'll see it says something like "Email me if a comment is added after mine".

Is there something extra you are looking for as well as that?
I need to enable admins/moderators to track/review ALL activity, not only questions that they have posted.

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In Admin > Plugins you have to enable the Event Logger. Then with the history-plugin you get all events written to the table "eventlog" in your database

So maybe you install this plugin and add a php-mail function within it.

That should do it.

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Why not use an RSS feed emailer service? No need to change the code.