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This plugin allows users to hide a category from view on question lists using a tick box in their profile.

Q2A version: 1.7.3
Great idea! And +1 for the Github repo.

I haven't actually installed the plugin but I glanced at the code. I might be wrong but I think there might be a missing caveat. For example, suppose I have hundreds of questions in my site and I configure the question list to display 10 elements per page. I browse a page in which 8 out of those 10 questions are questions that will be hidden. Will the question list display 10 or 2 items?
Thanks. There does seem to be an issue with how many posts are included in the question lists. When I tick the box to hide a category the number of posts in the list is double what it should be.
There seem to be other issues with this plugin. If anyone wants to make it work, feel free.
Fixed a problem with the plugin not hiding the category. Pupi1985 is correct in that if the question list is set to 10 posts in length and 8 are the hidden category, only 2 will be displayed. However on my site all the question lists are set to 50 posts so it shouldn't be a major problem. Just keep that in mind.
@bluegenel, welcome to dev club! nice plugin!

please look into below list of plugins which people want....may be you can write some.
Thank you ProThoughts. I will take a look.

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