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This plugin displays a quote of the day from Brainy Quote in a position of your choice.

Q2A version: 1.7.3
Interesting. With minor changes it would be possible to give the admin the ability to choose what kind of quote best suits their site. For example, instead of showing the generic one it could be possible to give the admin the change to show the art/funny/love/nature categories too

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i try learn php, html, css with working on codes
I try something with this and i did smthing for community

Song Of The Day
https://github.com/EtkaPerry/gunun-sarkisi (this is also my first github project)
(you can even add change link to admin panel)

(I know really easy for you but not for me :/ )
Thanks for this.

This will conflict with Quote of the day if both are installed.

In qa-plugin.php

//please change
    qa_register_plugin_module('widget', 'q2a-sarki.php', 'q2a_quote', 'Song of the Day');
//to this
    qa_register_plugin_module('widget', 'q2a-sarki.php', 'q2a_sarki', 'Song of the Day');

in q2a-sarki.php

//please change
class q2a_quote {
// to this
class q2a_sarki {
When i am change this the web sites gone white screen. I didn't think change in both file
You are best!
I am editing now
@ Etka good to see your plugin. Please change all variable names and function name in order to conflict with other plugins. as wrote by bluegenel in above comment.
Ok i did it, iff i missing something you can edit. I guess it is my first and last plugin.
Thats good, will check.