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The problem is not related to the registration period on the site (whether it was recent or not).
Apparently, it is also not related to scoring or be a normal user or administrator (have any privilege)
Q2A version: 1.7
Assuming you're not using any plugin that is interfering, it is very likely that you are either not testing that properly or the generalization of the error you're making ("users with few answers") is not the generalization you should be making. I bet it is a hosting provider issue and that you are also making the incorrect guess too :)
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Thanks Pupi, I also find it strange, but apparently this is what is happening.

I did some testing.

I accessed multiples accounts, old and new. With high and low scores. Administrators or not.

Pages load at least 3 times faster with accounts with more points. Pages load fast for visitors too.

I thought the problem was with the latest accounts. But I accessed one of the first accounts of the site that had no publications yet and was also quite slow.
I also removed almost all points from an account at the beginning of the site that has several publications.
And it kept running normally, the pages load fast.

I made a change in the core recently:
But, the problem continues even when the user reaches enough points to be able to send private messages.
(I have removed this change. The problem continues. It is not the cause of the problem. I added it again.)

I made few other changes in the core. I believe that no other can be related (hide administrator profile privileges, disable downvotes and disable use of emoji).

For the rest, my site is fully version 1.7.
The theme is an adaptation of 1.7.1, changing colors and sizes.
I also use moderation on the site for users with less than 305 points.
Only users with more than 305 points can post in wall.
Only users with 1,000 +  points can upvote and flag.

My plugins: Core Plugins + Q2A embed, Facebook like box, Faq Page, Featured questions, My followers page, on site notifications, Next previous questions and Widget Anywhere.
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I discovered the reason for the problem.
You were right, Pupi. :) The problem is not related to users with few posts.

Users who have never verified your notifications have a slower site.
3 times slower than for other users.
I use the plugin On site notifications.
I did tests.
An account that has never published anything, newly registered, after clicking notifications, starts loading pages quickly.
A user with multiple posts and points, but never clicked on notifications, continues with the slow site.

This problem began to occur recently.
If anyone can help me, I appreciate it.
which notification plugin you are using, contact author also and see his views.
On site notifications by Q2Apro.
Ok, how is performance if you disable that plugin?
Thanks ProThoughts.
I did the test by temporarily disabling the plugin.
The site started to work normally for all users (fast)
But, it's a very important and good plugin on my site, I've reactivated it.
@Jonatan, good to know that. Agree with you, notification is important feature.

Can you ask Q2Apro to look into that plugin issue. Also in next version Scott is planning for notification feature, hope it will be faster than this plugin.

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