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I have the latest version downloaded and NO emails are sent - registration, questions, comments and the feedback form give a Server Error

Any clues

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Thanks for your question.

The most likely explanation is that the 'Sender address for all administrative messages' is not set correctly in the 'Emails' panel of the admin center, and so your server is refusing to send the messages 'from' an invalid email address.

If that doesn't fix the problem, it may also be something else to do with your server configuration. Do you have other PHP scripts running that are able to send emails?

In any event, I don't think this is a specific issue with the release.
OK now I have to ask what should the email be in admin for both of them ?

I have tried every email I have and every combination....nothing works


I just remembered in another script I had to remove


for php mail to work

Could you tell me how to do it for your script maybe this will fix it for me :-)
If you want to remove the Return-Path header from the outgoing emails, you can comment out the lines 867 to 871 in CreateHeader() in qa-class.phpmailer.php which add the Return-Path header.
Sorry to say this did not work

I guess I am just one of the unlucky ones :-(
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For any unsolvable problem with the standard email sending function, you have the option of implementing your own as follows:

1. Rename the qa-external-example directory to qa-external.
2. In qa-config.php, set QA_EXTERNAL_EMAILER to true.
3. Write the qa_send_email() function in qa-external-emailer.php.

For step 3, this can be as simple as using PHP's mail() function, or an email sending library that you know works under your server configuration.
Thanks will try in the morning it's nearly 2am here - thanks and good night will let you know in the morning :-)