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I installed Q2A to my localhost and it doesn't show any dates. i.e. asked date, commented date or answered date. I removed @ sign at post_meta_when function in qa-theme-base.php and I am getting an error at home page like that: 

Notice: Undefined index: when in C:\wamp\www\question\qa-include\qa-theme-base.php

post_meta_when function is:

public function post_meta_when($post, $class)
    $this->output_split(@$post['when'], $class.'-when');

I am using: Apache: 2.4.9 - Myql: 5.6.17 - PHP: 5.5.12

Can anyone help me? What could I have done wrong?

Q2A version: 1.7.4
Do you have any plugins or a theme that could be overriding the output? Are there any other errors in your PHP or MySQL logs?
I finally found the problem. There is an option in the database as show_when_created. Somehow this value set to 0. I changed it to 1 and now I can see the dates. Thanks for the lead.

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