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I saw that the dev preview says "Allow multiple Question2Answer sites to share a single user base, via new settings in qa-config.php."

Can you provide a few more details here? I'm assuming this would allow for "meta" sites and the like?

that  sounds good.
what is this ?

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It's fairly straightforward and explained in qa-config.php.

Basically you can set a different prefix for those database tables which are related to users and their profiles. So you can set up multiple Q2A sites which use the same prefix for user-related tables, and different prefixes for the other tables.

There's a also a setting for the cookie domain, so that people logging in to one subdomain will automatically be logged in to other subdomains.

If you use Facebook login, be sure to also set the higher level domain in your FB application settings, so the Facebook cookie is also shared.

Thanks, sounds good!
If I use Facebook login and like to share user based between different domains, whats need to be done?