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Are there any online courses in higher education using Question2Answer? If so, how do they correlate user scores to grade letters in the course?
Can you please elaborate more?
I don't think the description you've provided makes sense.
I'm sorry for not being clearer. Let me try again...

Are there any college/university courses that are using this software platform as part of their online course discussions? That's question #1.

Second, if there are, then I wonder if the teacher somehow uses the score on Q2A to grade the students' performance.

I hope that helps.

1. You can use this platform for online course discussion. See below list of popular sites which are using this platform.

2. I dont know for what you will measure performance of student. Q2A can give points to user based on activity. see page http://question2answer.org/qa/users

if you want to give some kind of rewards then you can use badges plugin also.

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Hey you can easily get the student scores on their profile area. The points section and the questions answered will let yo know their performance. Although this cannot be considered any point to judge the knowledge until and unless it is mandatory for all student to follow a system on site.

Hope this helps
That's right.