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Hello everybody :)

As I wrote on topic, I have a problem with date for posts published FROM moderate area. On the list I see date when post was ADDED to moderate (wrote by user) , but I need to UPDATE this date after click on "publish" from moderate area because older posts published from moderation isn't visible on top of list, but on some page (like 6th etc.) , so visilibilty of this posts are really poor and not effective for users.

I think it's a bug and it's necessary some easy core modification to do to work this correct.

Anybody can help in this?
Q2A version: 1.7.4. with custom changes

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do you mean there is bug in below feature? when you select "time approved" it should display newly moderated post in activity tab. Below feature is in admin->spam->moderation section

Yes, I have chosen "Time approved" version, but some of posts isn't updating unfortunately and some of course updating time. Don't know why :/