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Hello guys ,

i need help with my site ( not q2a site ) .


i have a mysql database and i have admin panel 

and i have quiz on my site .

i want to add a table to count how many people compelete the quiz and show it on my admin panel 

i have a questions . is this coulmn type right ? ( varchar ) 

and what code should i type to my admin.php 

to show the counts when i login ? 

and what code should i add to all quiz's php files ? 

i hope someone help me :( 

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People here are more on Q2A than any other script. Moreover, details you have provided is not enough to understand. The only thing I understood is you want to get total completed quiz count.

I believe you don't have to create a table but just run the query to get completed quiz using COUNT or you can count resulting rows array.

For better help, I would suggest you post your question on StackOverflow. But you should provide more details with the existing table and all else no one will help you there too.

Good luck...!