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Would be dope!  Message me your prices thanks

Edit: I guess it'd be more like an Add-On or Bridge? Idk much about plugins etc.



I think there'd be an ok market for this add-on
What exactly are you looking for? What would "compatibility" mean for this plugin?
I'm planning on putting MyCred plugin on my regular WP site, main domain. So users can rank up and get pts etc by using the site. Would want that pts system and everything to connect to their Q2A activity as well.  Idk how that would work exactly, connect to API or something?

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It will be difficult to get all functionality in one plugin but some features of wordpress plugin are already present in q2a/plugins

1. Point based system, in built feature

2. User rank, in built feature

3. Reward system, badges plugin https://github.com/NoahY/q2a-badges

4. Notifications, this feature is coming in v1.8

for other features you can develop plugin one by one.... wordpress plugin has too many features,

or you can think of buying below plugins...


Thx for answer, those are cool but I'm looking specially for MyCred compatibility, 'cause I'm going to have mycred plugin on my main site for users.