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As I mentioned in this thread, here is Q2A latest version(from Github, v1.8) testing site. You can see new features in actions. I will update this site regularly with latest code from Github.

http://Meta.Question2Answer.info short url http://meta.q2a.info

Testing upcoming version uncovers issues before it goes for released version. This will help all Q2A user sites stability and security. If you are willing to contribute to Q2A then please join as a part of testing team.

If we find any issues then we can post on github. All new features we can discuss and then suggest to developers, Scott, pupi1985 etc.

Here are some key new features in this version.

  • Comment voting
  • Cache manager, to speed up Q2A sites.
  • New user password reset system
  • Enable or disable plugins
  • IPv6 support
  • password hashing 
  • compacting view numbers, like 4k, 1m etc
  • Joomla integration
  • Fix upgrade queries for shared Q2A user installations 
  • Updated event logger plugin
  • and lot of bug fixes

more features/bug fixes are there, you can see on github.

at http://meta.question2answer.info we can discuss on more topics which will be helpful to grow your Q2A site and make money. This will also help for testing, making sure latest Q2A version is working fine, stable and secure!


Q2A version: 1.8-github
Updated site with latest version from Github. There is critical security fix in this version.
Updated site today, you can now see proper comment voting button in snow theme.
Site updated on Sept-04-2017 with latest q2a.

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