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this is sitemap electronics2electrical.com/sitemap.xml

I am using default q2a sitemap

almost 2 weeks

but my website is not indexing

what i am suppose to do ?

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I put site:eletricalandelectronics.com into Google and it showed over 250 results, so I think the site it being indexed fine. Google aren't going to fully index a new, low-traffic site in just 2 weeks, there are trillions of other sites they need to index too.

I also noticed that several of your questions have an image as the answer instead of text. Search engines can't read the text in images, you should put regular text in the answers and have just the diagrams as pictures.
oh sorry i put wrong site http://electronics2electrical.com this is my new site
thanks btw
I see quite a lot of results for that site too. But hardly any of your questions have answers, so that's obviously not very useful. Google will probably see that as "thin content". And now you have 2 sites so it may be seen as "duplicate content".
hmm ok thanks