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There is someone spamming my Q&A section, he/she is creating A LOT of users with verified emails (i dont know how) and posts advertisements like 20 times a day. Currently I changed the spamming options in order to avoid showing those posts on the Q&A section of my website but yet moderating it is a hard task too.

His/her IP keeps changing every time so blocking his/her IP is not a working option too.

this is the Q&A section of my website for the reference: http://civilengineeringbible.com/QA/ 

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Those are SPAM guys so you can avoid by using below tips.

  • Enable recaptcha plugin for registration and posting Q/A. This plugin is not enabled on your site.
  • If you still see SPAM users then enable moderation for users.
  • Also enable moderation for all posts.
  • change permissions for posting question or answer. set users with 150 points can post. This will filter all SPAM.

Let me know if you still see issue.