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I've decided to sell my question and answer site built using Q2A platform along with Android app. Quote your price and send it to contact @ newbienich .com or alternately writetoyogen @ gmail .com

Visit: https://www.questionreply.com

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Sorry to say, but what are you trying to sell? You cannot sell an open source project with just 50 posts and no real user base on any good platform. And not seeing what is the Android app either. At least you should list some paid/custom plugins.

I see that there are a lot of Categories on your site mostly with 0 posts. Why not concentrate on few; and organize healthy discussions. Ideally you should have some experts to answer any query. Else, you should get help in some way. You should really do something and get some content before you should sell it. And a lot of unrelated contents wont entertain users nor Google search. The smaller the domain, the more successful the Q2A will be IMHO.
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I agree with arjunsuresh. this site is with very less content. If you want to sell domain then you can list site on sedo.com or flippa.com