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After wordpress integration following errors are visible.
I have wordpress and q2a installed as http://wordpress.com/qa (example)

1. Not able to login from q2q directly:

Login form shows in q2a and when clicked it directs to wordpress login. After entering right login credentials it seems we are geeting logged in but when page loads it fails to log in. Repeate same for 100 times or more you will not get logged in.
However, when you login from wordpress you will get logged in and if you open a q2a link you will see that you are logged in.

2. Users not visible

All wordpress registered users are not shown in q2a users page. Only those users are shown who have asked questions in q2a.

3. Users avatars not visible

Users avatar image is not visible in q2a however its visible in wordpress.
Q2A version: 1.7.5
I think these are expected issues.
Can we do anything to resolve this issues?
I will try wordpress and q2a integration when I get time.
Have you tried this so far? There is still someone asking for better integrated website.

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