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[New Theme - Available Now] Lion Theme 1.0.0-beta is now available to download on Q2A Market

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asked Dec 8, 2017 in Themes by jatin.soni
edited Dec 15, 2017 by jatin.soni
Hello Everyone,

After a long time, Q2A Market is ready to launch one of the greatest mobile theme ever built for Question2Answer. The Lion theme is exclusively designed and developed for mobile devices. The Lion theme could be an alternative to native mobile app for your question2answer website. Check out more here

Learn more about the Lion Theme

Download Lion Theme Now
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commented Dec 14, 2017 by jatin.soni
Check out the mobile-friendly score on Google Test

commented Dec 14, 2017 by suis
wow really awesome. Page is mobile-friendly :)
commented Dec 18, 2017 by Zeeshan
can I buy this theme without subscription?
just one time pay ?
commented Dec 18, 2017 by jatin.soni
No, it is only available for subscribed members.

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answered Dec 8, 2017 by ProThoughts
Awesome!! this is the most amazing q2a mobile theme. Great work Jatin!  

Is there option to change theme color from admin panel?
commented Dec 8, 2017 by jatin.soni
Thanks ProThoughts, the first beta will be justbplug and play. It won't have any customization option.

Q2A Market always believe in innovatieve design and development. Also believe providing much control in user hands. So definitely, there will be customization option including theme colors in the upcoming versons. I just want to be sure there is no bug before add any customization option.

The Lion theme is currently supporting mobile devices but soon it will be available for larger devices such as desktop. However, to keep code separate and lighter we may release separately. For now you can set the Lion as your mobile and keep existing theme for larger devices.

The Lion theme will be in continue development and evwntual goal is to turn the theme into system which will have own API for developers. This means the theme will have lot more features and functionality which Q2A doesn't provide out of the box. Of course this won't happen in first release but gradually as we go.

The theme will launch soon and will be available to all Q2A Market subscribed members.
commented Dec 9, 2017 by ProThoughts
sounds good plan. Your themes are really very good so definitely people will like.
commented Dec 10, 2017 by jatin.soni
Thank you once again. Your application is motivation for us. :)
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answered Dec 9, 2017 by MONKEY
Hello.when you launch the product to subscribers?
commented Dec 9, 2017 by jatin.soni
Currently we are writing documentation and final code optimization and testing. Unless we find any critical bug, we have scheduled 1st beta release somewhere within next week.
commented Dec 15, 2017 by jatin.soni
The Lion theme is available to download now. http://q2amarket.com/themes/
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answered Dec 9, 2017 by Yogendra Basnet
Many thanks (q2a markt) for helping Question2Answer move on. It is because of your (and few other developers) sincere efforts we are earning our daily bread. Hats off to the people committed to keep the fire of Question2Answer burning. Best wishes to you and Question2Answer community.

commented Dec 11, 2017 by jatin.soni
It's my pleasure. I appreciate your consideration. Thanks ... :)
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answered Dec 19, 2017 by anst
Very nice theme!
"The Lion theme is currently supporting only mobile devices.
We will add support for larger devices in future."
So when this theme will support larger devices?
commented Dec 19, 2017 by jatin.soni
It will take between two weeks to month. We also will publish roadmap soon.
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answered Mar 5 by Ahmed S
It supports RTL now?

Will support notifications for mobile?

Where is roadmap
commented Mar 6 by jatin.soni
We are about to launch the Desktop supporting version 1.0.1-beta soon by end of the day. Also will publish the roadmap.

RTL support is in our roadmap and will be supported soon
commented Mar 30 by marcink99
q2a market website is down. is there a new link for the theme?
commented Apr 1 by jatin.soni
It is not down, maybe you have visited during the server Maintainance. It is online and working fine with all subscription services. Please let me know if you still have any issue accessing Q2A Market website.
commented Apr 17 by jatin.soni
Now Lion Theme - 1.0.2-beta supports RTL. Get it from here http://q2amarket.com/
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answered Apr 28 by marcink99
It looks nice!!! it costs $100 am I getting this right?
commented Apr 29 by jatin.soni
Yes, it cost $99 for single domain / website licence for a year. Additionally you can access Q2A Market other themes and plugins.