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The q2apro-list-uploads-page plugin is showing incorrectly

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asked Feb 26 in Q2A Core by Emre

Hello there,
plugin github link; https://github.com/q2apro/q2apro-list-uploads-page

The question link shown in the picture does not appear.
I can not, it's very important to me, please help.

Thank you.

 please help me, please

please help me, please

please help me, please

I use translation, sorry

Orjinal image, must be‚Äč;

incorrect image;

the corresponding codes;

// set link to question, answer, comment that contains the image

if($existsInPost=="Q") {

$existsInPost = $notFoundString;


else if($imageInPost[1]=="A") {

$existsInPost = "<a href='".$imageInPost[2]."?show=".$imageInPost[0]."#a".$imageInPost[0]."' style='margin-left:10px;font-size:11px;'>&rarr; in answer: ".$existsInPost."</a>";


else if($imageInPost[1]=="C") {

// get question link from answer

$getQlink = mysql_fetch_array( qa_db_query_sub("SELECT parentid,type FROM `^posts` WHERE `postid` = ".$imageInPost[2]." LIMIT 1") );

$linkToQuestion = $getQlink[0];

if($getQlink[1]=="") {

$existsInPost = "<a href='".$linkToQuestion."?show=".$imageInPost[0]."#c".$imageInPost[0]."' style='margin-left:10px;font-size:11px;'>&rarr; in comment: ".$existsInPost."</a>";


else {

// default: comment on question

$existsInPost = "<a href='".$imageInPost[2]."?show=".$imageInPost[0]."#c".$imageInPost[0]."' style='margin-left:10px;font-size:11px;'>&rarr; in comment: ".$existsInPost."</a>";



else {

// default: question

$existsInPost = "<a href='".$existsInPost."' style='margin-left:10px;font-size:11px;'>&rarr; in question: ".$imageInPost[0]."</a>";


Q2A version: 1,7,4
commented Feb 28 by Emre
@NoahY @ProThoughts  @Amiya Sahu @ArjunSuresh @AliSayahiyan @pupi1985 @ScottVivian

How can I show the question id?
Help please..

1 Answer

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answered Mar 1 by Emre
I need to show the question link, how can I do it :(