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A quick Public Service Announcement for people contributing via Github: I've made a slight change to the branches. Previously the dev branch was used for changes to the current version of Q2A, with a 1.8 branch for the "next" version. Rather than keep adding new branches for 1.9, 1.10 and so on, we now have just a dev branch and a bugfix branch.

The bugfix branch is (can you guess?) for bug fixes. Specifically, fixes to the current stable version. So for example we're currently on v1.8.0 - any bugs found that would be fixed in a 1.8.x release should be targeted here.

The dev branch is for new features and larger code changes/refactors. This branch should be considered unstable (i.e. not suitable for live websites).

The master branch is the same as before - the current stable version. The bugfix version will be merged into there on each patch release (e.g. 1.8.1). Then it would also be merged into the dev branch so the next major version has the bug fixes.

Might be a bit confusing since the dev branch has changed use but hopefully this clears it up.

Given a version number MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH:
bugfix = next patch version
dev = next minor version

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Sounds good to me. thanks for the update! Please release v1.8.1 because of false malware warning.

Yes, should be releasing v1.8.1 soon. I had another bug to fix but that's solved. Gideon and I are in the process of moving Q2A to another server so I can handle the releases myself without needing to wait for him :)
Great!  install SSL for q2a, it is time now.