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is there way to "view" count one time? do not want to increase with every refreshing page?

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asked Mar 7 in Q2A Core by atanik
edited Mar 7 by atanik
hello, as you know many bots is coming to sites. and it is increasing "view" counter. and also when we are refreshin or re open the question page, it is increasing. how we can solve this. do you have any idea or options in q2a ?

note: when i am trying to refresh in this page. counter is not increasing.  do i need to make settings in my site with options?

Q2A version: 1.8

2 Answers

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answered Mar 8 by Scott

Views are incremented each time the user visiting is different from the previous visitor. So if you keep reloading the same page yourself, the count will not increase. Search engines and known bots are automatically excluded but it's not really possible to know every bot so they will inevitably be counted.

commented Mar 8 by atanik
İ tried in here. İt is correct as you said. When i refresh page counter  is not increase. Thia is nice. But when i Trier in my site it is increasing when i refresh. I installed 1.8 from offical downloaded

May be there is option in admin panel?
commented Mar 22 by atanik
you may test from here.  "gösterim" words means view.
commented May 21 by atanik
when i checked theme i saw someting. it is increasing with mobile version of theme. but in computer it is not increasing. only increase with mobile version of theme. it hink problem is from them mobile theme.
commented Jun 13 by phodogo
This is the answer I need
thank you very much
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answered May 29 by atanik
it is seriosly strange. i am checking some question and refreshing it is increasing. But some of the questions it is not increasing the view count. i have no idea why it is happen like that. Any ideas?