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The installation instructions say to "Download the latest version of Question2Answer " but under the latest release 'Assets' on the linked page there are two zip files "question2answer-1.8.0.zip" which downloads a file of that name and "Source code (zip)" which downloads a file called v1.8.0.zip.

Is the content of these zip files the same? In which case why have two? If not, how should we choose between them and shouldn't there be some explanation of that?

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GitHub always provides a link to a file with the source code. No matter what language you use. More specifically, it links to the code of a tag (a named commit).

As some languages requires compilation (e.g.: C code may require the compilation of the source code into an executable file), GitHub provides the option to upload any file as a release, in addition to the source code. Scott opted to upload a file with the intention of removing some developer-oriented files like the .gitignore or the .travis files. I see he accidentally added qa-src directory, though.

Anyway, as PHP doesn't really require compilation for its distribution as a ready-to-use package then downloading any of them would be the same. I'd prefer the link to the source as I'd be 100% sure that I'm using the real code from the tagged commit rather than a processed version of it, which adds an additional step that might result in human mistake.

"I see he accidentally added qa-src directory, though."
Oops, so I did. Github doesn't remove directories when switching branches.
Thanks, that answers my dilemma - as would ProThoughts answer, but I appreciate the explanation. Unfortunately I can imagine other people after me wondering the same thing. Maybe someone could change the install instructions to make it clearer?
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I recommend you to download from here