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In my more than 20 years on the net I have seen this many times, good developers who prefer to lose while they hope to earn more money.

Let's do math..

What you offer ?.. Plugins for $80 each.

Now look why is bad idea, only 3 plugins = $240

( I say 3 because it is what I believe that anyone would need to buy for make a good site, [average])

So, with $240, you can buy Vbulletin, or Xenforo with extras, and not only do you get a complete program, you also can buy plugins related to Q&A.

Is your product, but think about this, how much money you lost just with people that leaving their project ( only those )

For my side, i will never pay $80 for any plugin about any task in my experience, it's a lot of investment on a single point, if I do, I know I'll end up making the project unsustainable, well, in fact, the last time I paid anything like this (a small part of a project with a very high price) was in 2002.
Is sama55 still selling plugins? I thought he stopped.

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