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Is it? Or it is not? Or maybe it is.

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Is this a serious question, or are you just trolling? Well in any case, I'll bite - the answer is no, by a long way. There are many worse Q&A apps out there.

Perhaps you could actually be helpful and list some things you dislike about the software. It's likely that you will be able to do whatever you want with Q2A.

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every QA software does not mean it is clone from stackoverflow.  what makes you to think?
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Q/A is a horizontal application like email or CRM..  and like those broad apps.. there are now many different Q/A platforms and there will be many more... all with somewhat different feature sets..

do they all emmulate StackOverflow?  ..  to some extent.. just like the first automobile is a pattern for all subsequent automobiles..  should we  stop making cars because each car is not completely original thinking?  ..  ridiculous..

I was an early user of StackOverflow and a StackExchange admin..  there was plenty of "appropriation" of existing system features going on .. by Joel and Jeff's own admission..

that's progress  !   ;)
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Before decided to use Q2A I had considered some QA platforms. One reason I prefer Q2A is that it is such a easy to understand scripts, so that I can customize more features i want. And above of all here we have good community to Ask & got Answer :)) haha
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If you view it from the point of view of being a stackoverflow clone, you'll be frustrated (now; less so with the full 1.4 release I think).

If you view it for what it is - a solid, reliable, compact Q&A system that has essentially no dependencies beyond a working PHP+mysql install, maintained by a responsive and communicative developer, it's an excellent choice.

I started off on my Q&A development with a 'stackoverflow clone' called Shapado, which, while being the strongest clone of SO that I've seen, is a massive, seriously overengineered system with a very complex set of dependencies (and I say this as a skilled Rails developer), and a rather frustrating 'support' network. With Q2A I've been able to completely and smoothly integrate a Q&A system into an existing website, retheme it and understand its function.

Q2A offers you the chance to understand everything about how the system is implemented, and will in 1.4 offer a plugin/widget/event API system that should allow many innovative features not currently seen in any of the 'clones'.

Worst stackoverflow clone ever, and I'm pleased with that.