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ReCaptcha is not working in q2a 1.8 and results bot registration

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asked Jun 28 in Q2A Core by j.kargo89
I am very upset due to so many bot registration per day.
ReCaptcha plugin do not stop bot registration.
All other stop spam plugin also do not stop spam

How can I get rid of spam registration.
Somebody provide resolution for this problem.
Q2A version: 1.8
commented Jun 29 by fara
Hello Scott
I am 100% sure. Recaptcha was working fine in my website for 4 years ! And it's about 2 month that I am getting alot of spam registration! I had to change my captcha to Kai's plugin.
commented Jul 4 by Scott
@fara that doesn’t mean they are bots. Have you checked your server logs?
commented Jul 4 by fara
How can I check my server log? So what are they? If they are not bots why it has stopped after changing captcha plugin?
commented Jul 9 by Scott
Depends on your hosting. But the server logs I looked at on this site showed requests appearing to come from regular web browsers (Chrome/Firefox etc) and loading all files (stylesheets etc) which is consistent with a web browser and not spam bots.

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