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Show default avatar for guests?

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asked Jul 30 in Q2A Core by q2apro
Maybe it's too late, but is an avatar displayed for guests?

Cannot find the enable option.
Q2A version: 1.8.0

2 Answers

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answered Aug 4 by pupi1985
selected Aug 7 by q2apro
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I think the issue is related to a bug. If it is, I've fixed it earlier this year: https://github.com/q2a/question2answer/pull/619

Try using the bugfix branch. Let me know if that fixes it or not.

commented Aug 7 by q2apro
Fix seems to work. Great job!
commented Aug 7 by q2apro
Seems not to work if the visitor is not loggedin. Then no avatar.
commented Aug 7 by pupi1985
Can you confirm that? I've just tried that in the bugfix branch and seems to be working for anonymous users too.

Note you have to:
 * Either check "Allow users to upload avatars" or "Allow Gravatar avatars" AND
 * Check "Default avatar" AND
 * Upload the default avatar image
commented Aug 8 by q2apro
Sorry, stupid me. It was my cache plugin that displayed the static page from some hours ago! ... All works fine :)
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answered Aug 2 by questfor

Admin page » Users » Show default profile image

commented Aug 2 by q2apro
q2a 1.8.0 - there is no option "Show default profile image". I only have the "Default avatar" upload button, and I have set the default avatar.
commented Aug 3 by questfor
That's correct and should be enough, right? Just upload your desired default avatar and that's it :)
commented Aug 4 by q2apro
No it's not, there is no avatar appearing. Otherwise I had not asked.