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When new visitors arrive at my site they can find my Q&A a little confusing. It's based on life problems and solutions. The format of the questions and the answers might not be clear at the first look. I've got a flash video that will present a story about two characters and how they might use this site.

I would like to show new users a flash tutorial whenever they visit the site for the first time. Something like a popup dialog with a noticeable button to skip/close the popup. The flash tutorial will guide them about how to make the posts on the site.

Alternatively, a tour option would help. As an example, please check out the site: https://stackedit.io/app# . As soon as you click on "Start writing" it shows a "Tour" where it points out the essential features of the site.

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well your site is something else
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Don't bother posting files made in .swf flash. Adobe already announced they're going to abandon it by 2020. Some browsers like Chrome don't have it anymore by default.

I suggest you upload a video to Youtube. Then post the link in that message every unregistered user gets.
Definitely a good idea. I believe turning flash into a video will be considerably more simple than programming the tour approach