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Im wondering if it is possbile to send a user notification
automaticaly when he gets a new user titles?

I think that it will make users motivate to
participate a community more to get better user titles.

I want to show a pop-up message when
a user reach a new title or send a email to notify he gets it.

Maybe the following new feature for 1.4
accomplish my wish. If so, please tell me how to do it.

New feature

Added points-based permissions,
i.e. actions that require a user to have a certain number of points.

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This isn't currently a feature, but it sounds like a great idea for a plugin. The plugin could keep track of the highest user title of which a user has been informed, use an event module to respond to any event that might increase that user's points, and check at that time whether they've gone up a level, sending an appropriate email.