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if ill translate q2a to hebrew in the new version, i would need to translate it again each version?

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Not at all. See the section on this page entitled "Updating an existing translation":


From 1.4 beta 1, the qa-check-lang.php page will auto-generate the PHP code for the missing phrases in the current version. You can paste this directly into the appropriate qa-lang-*.php files, and then translate them of course.

o.k. but let say i have the translation files from version 1.2. are they usable too with the qa-check-lang.php method? or does it have to be the 1.4 files and will be compatible from here on?
It will work with a translation from any previous version.
o.k. thanks. and the obvious Following question: what with RTL support? i'm new with a2q. thanks.