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How to add some text content in between "User Details" and "User Activity" ?

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asked Oct 1 in Themes by donutLover

How can i add some text content in between two div block i.e :

1. User Details Section; and, 

2. User Activity.

Whenever i add some content its being shown on top of the page.

[Theme - Donut]

Any help would be of great use to me, as im a beginner in dev and would like to learn this Q2A development.


commented Oct 2 by Donutlover
Any expert help! Please...
commented Oct 3 by Donutlover
Theme version is 1.6.3
Q2A 1.7

1 Answer

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answered Oct 3 by esqeudero

You need core hack. Work on pages/user-profile.php.

Find $qa_content['form_activity']

Above that write your own code whatever you can to add. 

For ex. $qa_content['form_custom']='Something';

commented Oct 5 by Donutlover
Thank you @esqeudero for answering .. But when i followed code :  $qa_content['form_custom']='Something'; output was only 'S'