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I installed Q&A system on my website.  The system works great. Yesterday, my Web Master tools reported all category pages (5 categories) + main page that it contains duplicated content. The weird thing is that I have these pages indexed twice in google. Once with http://myDomain/qa (the correct url) and the second time with http://myDomain/qa/qa. Same for all categories. 

I see that even on this site, If I access http://www.question2answer.org/qa/qa, I will get to the same site. 

Is there any option to remove this? I can remove the URLs from Google index, but I dont understand what page links to /qa/qa.



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The URL ending /qa within your QA site (which in your case is itself at /qa) shows recent questions and answers - it's there in addition to the home page because the home page can optionally be customized to show something different.

If you haven't customized your home page, it shouldn't be linked from anywhere, but obviously Google somehow found it in your case.

I'll check into putting in a redirect in the next 1.4 beta, to prevent this happening.

Hi, I did make a customization. You can see at:
I still can not find the link to qa/qa dir.
Is there any command I can add to HTACCESS file so it will redirect the qa/qa directory to qa?
Thanks alot.