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I recently installed Q2A and I got 404 error for icons, but in FTP, they exists. I also mention that I use the first URL variant (htaccess version)
Q2A version: 1.7
You're mixing things. The errors are not from SnowFlat but rather from icons that you try to add. It's 100% an issue with you incorrectly referencing the files. If you require more support I'd advice you to provide much more information
@pupi1985 I'm not mixing things, because I didn't try to add. I just installed Q2A and chose SnowFLat. That's full story. It's not mine issue, because I didn't edited sources or tried to reference to other files.
Oh, good point. I see the referenced icon is part of the core. Still, the icons ARE there and I see them in my environment and they're even working here:

So still it is an issue with YOUR environment configuration, which you have not shared, so it is a bit hard to help
I don't know why they don't work. Is there a way to generate a report?
A report of non-accessible images? Not at least from Q2A. You should check your file permissions in your icons directory. Check with your server administrator how you can do that
The icons don't load because of insecure stylesheet.. How I can prevent these errors?

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